Revised Oberon-07 Compilers (2011-2016)

Project Oberon (2013)
Wirth's reference platform, built with and including his compiler.
Chris Burrows fully complete (statically linked) compiler for the ARM, (CFB Software). Runs on Windows. Implements the 2016 Report.
Oberon-07 compliant with the 2016 Report. Its benefit is an .exe available for Windows 64-bit. It does not produce a Portable Executable, however.
Runs under Unix A2, and generates RISC objects that can be run with an accompanying emulator. See the Oberon Community Platform for more details on the Oberon systems (and compilers) from ETH Zürich.
Oberon-07 to C translator.
Vishap Oberon Compiler
A new, well maintained, and natively both 32-bit and 64-bit Oberon-2 compiler, which is highly portable. Runs on Linux x86/AMD64/ARM 4-7 including Raspberry Pi/OS X; FreeBSD; and Windows using Cygwin/MinGW. Voc also includes a simple Oberon-07 compiler (what appears to be the 2014 compiler forked from Wirth's code). The compiler uses static linking, but a dynamic run-time has been discussed as a future possibility. The author also has a proprietary compiler he worked on at ETH, but which is not publically available.
Vladislav Folts' (and contributors) Oberon-07 to JavaScript translator. Includes a separate mode for extensions (Eberon). Implements the 2013 Oberon Report (not dynamically loaded).
Oxford Oberon Compiler
A fairly portable compiler, runs on Windows, Debian and Debian derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu), OS X, and Raspberry Pi. It uses the Objective Caml runtime, but is statically linked. Though essentially an Oberon-2 compiler, version 3 includes flags with the intent of allowing a valid Oberon-07 program to compile and run correctly. Written against the 2013 Report.
Akron's Oberon-07 compiler
Open-source (GPL) Oberon-07 compiler for Windows, by Krotov Anton. An editor and some example libraries are provided. Linking is static, but it is noteable for generating binaries for other OSes (e.g. Linux). Implements the 2011 Report. Appears to be abandonware.
nickelsworth transpiler
Written against the 2011 Report, (still in development, dormant).

Original Oberon-07

A minimal commercial, statically linked, shareware compiler from Russia, (Exact Programs). Implements the 2008 Report.

Classic Oberon compilers that I'm interested in

Blackbox Component Builder
This was once the Oberon Microsystems commercial Revised Oberon compiler, with Oberon-2 extensions. It now supports a partly incompatible and extended language called Component Pascal, but is included here because of its history.
An Active Oberon compiler for Windows.
Durham University Oberon Compiler
See http://metapyziks.github.io/