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I have read a lot of books in my life. Hundreds at least. I've always enjoyed making notes about what I've read. In the past, it was in letters, or in chat rooms, email lists, or Usenet. Today, the medium is social media. My first reviews began on Google+. They then moved to Twitter and Facebook. Some are on Instagram and Yammer.

I have other pages dedicated to my reading of books by Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, and the Bible. This is dedicated to books I've read recently (at least since this page started). It avoids my having to duplicate social media content, and allows thoughts to be added over time.


This document provides only those texts that I've read cover to cover, and gives notes about my thoughts on the edition. The purpose is to review the book as experienced with the medium that I read. This is a work in progress and will grow and fill in over time.

Review Contents:

Enter Spenser book club hardcover

Enter Spenser

I read what appears to be a book club edition hardcover, labeled A Mystery Guild Lost Classics Omnibus, with jacket design by Tricia A. McGoey. It appears to be an edition made shortly after the author's death 18 January 2010, perhaps as a memorial. The bookseller added a Brodart style dust jacket cover, sized well for the jacket.

The Godwulf Manuscript

This is Parker's first ever novel. Once he started, he seemed not to stop, publishing an average of once a year since 1973.

A rare manuscript is stolen from a university. A private detective, only identified as Spenser, is asked to locate the manuscript. However, a murder, a cover up blamed on a girl that Spenser tries to exonerate, a saucy flirtatiousness with the women he encounters, expose a sarcastic and well read character behind the first person I of the novel. Parker's writing is direct and his characters alive and interesting.

God Save The Child

A teen boy disappears and Spenser is hired to find him. We are introduced to the detective's boxing back ground, as well as an average looking school counselor, Susan Silverman, that Spenser is attracted to and becomes a staple character of the series. Exploring a disfunctional family and sexuality, this is a typical Spenser story.

Mortal Stakes

A baseball player is suspected of throwing games and Spenser is hired to investigate. Naturally, more is going on as he goes undercover as a writer exploring the game. This explores the more violent nature of Spenser and his protectiveness of the vulnerable. Yeah, the Red Sox sucked then too...

The Dilbert Princple hardcover dust jacket

The Dilbert Principle

I read the Harper Collins Business 1996 first edition hardcover.

The Dilbert Principle became a kind of catharsis for me since I started in the computer industry professionally in 1996 with Packard Bell NEC, just after NEC had purchased Zenith Data Systems, and Packard Bell. It describes well some of the crazier moments of my career, and has been an on-again/off-again companion to carry me through workplace afflictions as I experience them. This is the first of several books on the topic, a side track to the Dilbert comic strip. It came from the author's experience with working for a baby bell in California.

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