Don't Sacrifice Liberty

Ryan Phillips wrote, I'm honored to be searched, prodded and poked for the rest of my life. (Honored to be searched, Readers' Forum, Nov. 23.) He forgets that our identity in the United States is founded on the principle of a free society, secured by balanced powers, defined by a Constitution authored by our predecessors, amended by elected representatives, informed and upheld by the People (and the States).

The current encroachments by the executive branch of government and the enormities of its bureaucracies has unbalanced power, and threaten our identity as a nation. The security theater of the TSA helps fuel their bureaucracy; there is no evidence it makes us more secure.

As the Pennsylvania Assembly wrote to their Governor in 1755, Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

28 November 2010, Readers' forum, Deseret News

©2010 David Egan Evans.