Snail Mail Spam

Spam is unsolicited electronic mail. It burdens our computers and makes it difficult to find the messages we need. About two-thirds of all email received (and hopefully blocked and filtered) is spam.

Though I find spam annoying, I find the unsolicited mail I get through the US Postal service to be far more invasive. Discarding envelopes addressed To Our Neighbor, I regularly sort through letters addressed to me that are designed to look like they're from a law office, but which turn out to be a 30% interest credit card approval.

A few years ago I wrote Senator Orrin Hatch complaining that while he spent so much time on spam, I still receive tree killing junk in my post box. What about the invasion of privacy that leads to my address being sold, the deceptive mislabeling of envelopes, and the unwanted grocery store ads that are mailed to me daily? We have a do-not-call list; do we have a do-not-snail-mail-spam-me list?

I received a reply to my letter, personally signed (with real pen and ink) by Senator Hatch, thanking me for my support of his anti-spam campaign.

©2005 David Egan Evans.