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Provided here are the result of exercises from Software Tools in Pascal, and as is useful, the original Ratfor Software Tools. The x64/ directory contains (static) PEs built for Windows 10 64-bit. The bin/ directory contains Linux 32-bit (static) binaries. The ratfor command in the bin/ directory is a 32-bit build of the book version. Research Unix developed a more advanced version of the Ratfor translator in C, though Fortran has evolved sufficiently to make Ratfor unnecessary, if not incompatible. (There was also a version from Stanford.) The cmd/ directory contains source texts for exercises.

See Plan 9 from User Space for more advanced forms of these tools. Also see this study in Haskell: The C Programming Language uses many of these tools in a simplified form as developed under Unix.

These tools are provided as-is, without any warranty or guarantees. Copyright 2014-2016 David Egan Evans,