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Provided here are binaries and source code from me working through Software Tools and Software Tools in Pascal, especially in Modula-2. The ratfor command is a static Linux, 32-bit binary, built from the toolstape.

Research Unix developed a more advanced version of the Ratfor translator in C, though Fortran has evolved sufficiently to make Ratfor unnecessary, if not incompatible. (There was also a version from Oz at Stanford.)

See Plan 9 from User Space for more advanced forms of these tools, though from Plan 9 not Unix. Also see this study in Haskell: The C Programming Language uses many of these tools in a simplified form as developed under Unix.

All tools are 64-bit static builds from the Modula-2 source, except Linux/ratfor which is 32-bit from the tools tape on Kernighan's Princeton website. Also see my work, including primitives and explanation, on building Software Tools in Free Pascal.

All tools provided in this directory, and its sub-directories, are provided as-is, without any warranty or guarantees. License of the original Software Tools programs was granted by Kernighan. Source and programs from Software Tools in Pascal was copyright 1981 by Bell Laboratories, Inc., and Whitesmiths Ltd. and are used as fair use. My own changes and adaptions, found in this directory and its sub-directories, are copyright 2014-2017, 2019 David Egan Evans.