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Provided here are builds in various languages of the copytext program from the Pascal User Manual and Report.

	copytext: copy characters from standard input to standard output
	copytext copies its input to its output unchanged. It is useful
	for copying from a text terminal to a file, from a file to a
	file, from a text terminal to a text terminal, or from a file
	to a text terminal (to display it).

	This program is from the Pascal User Manual and Report, Second
	Edition (second 1978, and fourth printings), by Kathleen Jensen and
	Niklaus Emil Wirth, pg. 164. Also see pg. 200 of the Fourth Edition.

	This build is for Windows 64-bit. On Unix (e.g. macOS, OpenBSD)
	and GNU/Linux, use the cat command to do the same. On Windows,
	see the more command, which is similar.
	C:\Users\David> copytext
	hello, world
	hello, world

	C:\Users\David> echo "hello, world" > hello.txt
	C:\Users\David> copytext <hello.txt
	hello, world