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	wordcount: count words from the standard input
	wordcount [ -l | -w | -c ]
	wordcount provides a count of the words, text lines, and single
	byte characters from a text stream.

	A word is a sequence of characters bounded by new line, a blank,
	or a horizontal tab. 

	Remember that the standard ASCII newline is two characters,
	(such as with cmd.exe on Microsoft Windows).
	C:\Users\David> wordcount -w
	hello, world

	C:\Users\David> wordcount
	hello, world
	       1       2        13

	C:\Users\David> echo hello, world | wordcount
	       1       2        14

	C:\Users\David> echo hello, world > hello.txt
	C:\Users\David> wordcount <hello.txt
	       1       2        14

	C:\Users\David> type hello.txt | wordcount
	       1       2        14

	The defintion of a word is simplistic.