A resource for the Oberon-07 language

MODULE hello; (*DEE 2016-02-06/2016-08-15*)
  IMPORT Texts, Oberon;
  VAR W: Texts.Writer;
  PROCEDURE world*;
    Texts.WriteString(W, "hello, world");
    Texts.Append(Oberon.Log, W.buf)
  END world;

BEGIN Texts.OpenWriter(W)
END hello.

ORP.Compile hello.Mod /s ~

Oberon is an operating system. It is also the native language that system is written in, derived from Modula-2. Oberon-07 is the final language by Professor N. E. Wirth, a simplification and revision of Oberon (1990/1996) and Oberon-SA (1998/1999). It was first implemented for the DEC StrongARM DS1035.

The final Oberon-07/11 language report is from 10 May 2016 (labeled 3 May). Work on the language and architecture support was part of Project Oberon 2013.