Found here are exercises while working through Software Tools and Software Tools in Pascal, but done in Modula-2 (PIM 4). This is an extension of Software Tools in Free Pascal.

This project has used several compilers for testing (e.g. p2c, m2c, Mocka 1208, ACK, gm2, and ADW), as well as a PIM 4 syntax checker. Also, see HOST[KU87] that implement them on Medos-2 and MacMeth. The current work is on ADW and intends to provide a PIM4 and ISO compatible code. Much has changed since the PC-DOS days, and the 32-bit move of the reference Modula-2 system to Ceres (and MacMeth). I'm also updating a document as I go as reflections on Modula-2 (as compared to Pascal) in context of the book.

The Plan 9 from User Space kit is the true successor to these tools. You probably want to work on these tools from The C Programming Language instead. My interest here is in Modula-2 and N. E. Wirth's languages and work as I transition away from Pascal. Also see ../M2 for Pascal programs that didn't make it into Wirth's later Modula-2 books that I converted.


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