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	expand: expand compressed input
	expand copies its input, which has presumably been encoded by compress, to
	its output, replacing code sequences ~nc by the repeated characters they stand
	for so that the text output exactly matches that which was originally encoded.
	The occurrence of the warning character ~ in the input means that the next
	character is a repetition count; '1' calls for one instance of the following
	character, '2' calls for two, and so on up to 'z'.
	Item~4 Name~9 Value
	Item    Name         Value
	1~7 car~: ~1~$7,000.00
	1       car          ~$7,000.00
	The implementation assumes 73 legal characters beginning with '1', and ending
	in 'z'.

	This no longer expands the original 26 upper-case compressed text correctly,
	as A-Z now have different numeric values for expansion.