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	translit: transliterate characters
	translit [^]src [dest]
	translit maps its input, on a character by character basis, and writes the
	translated version to its output. In the simplest case, each character in the
	argument src is translated to the corresponding character in the argument
	dest; all other characters are copied as is. Both src and dest may contain
	substrings of the form c1-c2 as shorthand for all of the characters in the
	range c1..c2. c1 and c2 must both be digits, or both be letters of the same
	case. If dest is absent, all characters represented by src are deleted.
	Otherwise, if dest is shorter than src, all characters in src that would map
	to or beyond the last character in dest are mapped to the last character in
	dest; moreover adjacent instances of such characters in the input are
	represented in the output by a single instance of the last character in dest.

		translit 0-9 9

	converts each string of digits to the single digit 9.

	Finally, if src is preceded by a ^, then all but the characters represented
	by src are taken as the source string; i.e., they are all deleted if dest is
	absent, or they are all collapsed if the last character in dest is present.
	To convert upper case to lower:

		C:\>translit A-Z a-z

	To discard punctuation and isolate words by spaces on each line:

		C:\>translit ^a-zA-Z@n " "
		This is a simple-minded test, i.e., a test of translit.
		This is a simple minded test i e a test of translit