D. E. Evans' Core Linux Distribution is a minimal distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system designed to be the basis for a complete system constructed by the end user. A fresh installation of Core will boot into a console and provide the user with the tools needed to download, compile and install other applications.

Core is primarily designed for experienced Linux users, though it has found an audience with those looking to learn about the internals and operation of a Linux system. Core requires the user to manually configure, compile and install applications and expects the user to consult man pages and other documentation.

This project is the outgrowth, and an evolution, of my use of Josh Devin's Core Linux Distribution, as well as Core 2 and Prime. It was begun publicly in 2010, though I've been using Core since 2004.


These instructions are incomplete, but should be sufficient:

Kernel firmware note

Kernel firmware is not provided with this ISO. Some chips, especially video, have issues that cause a problem during boot because of a requirement for this firmware. With my AMD (Evergreen) desktop, blacklisting the radeon module on boot is a temporary work around: modprobe.blacklist=radeon. Another more aggressive work around is nomodeset.

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CorePKG is now hosted by the GNU Project:

Core and Core 2 are no longer available. See: