Texts for learning the Oberon-07 language

Oberon-07 Language Textbooks by Prof. Wirth

Programming in Oberon (PDF) is a revision of Programming in Modula-2 Edition 4 (printed in 1988), published as a PDF in 2004, and revised in 2011, twice (thrice if you count a correction) in 2014, and once in 2015.

Algorithms and Data Structures (PDF) was updated for Oberon in a 2004 edition, shortly after the 2004 Oberon PIO, in PDF format. In 2009 a translation into Russian provided corrections. These corrections, along with images missing from the 2004 edition, and references to the ADen Blackbox Component Builder (Cpc edition) subsystem, were incorporated in Wirth's English version with a new layout. This was posted in 2012 and revised a week later. The current revision is from 2014. The revised 2012 edition was posted by Wirth to his ETH site.

Compiler Construction, originally split from Algorithms and Data Structures, was updated for Oberon-0 (from the PL/0 second edition) and published in 1996 where the FPGA work begun with Oberon on FPGA XC620 was continued. In 2010, work on a new FPGA design led to a revision of the Oberon-07 report and then revision of Compiler Construction, which were posted in PDF electronic format in 2005, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2017.

The description of the compiler for the Oberon system provides useful details into thoughts underlying the Oberon-07 language. It can be found in Project Oberon, 2013 Edition, updated in 2014 and 2018. It is also useful to compare with the 2005 release of the first edition.

A number of papers exist describing the Oberon-07 language development, and differences with Oberon as published in 1990.

An unofficial errata for these texts is also available on this site.